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“Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers” by various.

Edited by C.D. Evans & Lorene Shyba

The team of C.D. Evans and Lorene Shyba requested some of the most difficult and memorable cases these lawyers have been part of. They specifically requested the cases that left a lasting (albeit, nasty) impression on the lawyers who had to set aside their normal lives to attend these proceedings.

Divided by Wrongful Convictions, Homicide, Reasonable Doubt, Collateral Damage and Community, the tales from each of these sections leaves the reader with an insider’s view of what the most publicized cases in Canada were really like. Most do not appear the same for the lawyer as they do for the public. Even though these lawyers have finished these cases and have gone on with their lives, these cases still haunt them. Written by each separate lawyer and edited by C.D. Evans and Lorene Shyba, these stories will give the reader a new perspective on how an extraordinary case can lead to lifelong hauntings. Not only are these cases troubling enough, these prominent lawyers still today have to deal with the lingering effects.

Imagine working on a case for months, with a sure conviction based on presented evidence, only to have the jury vote the exact opposite. Imagine working with a notorious child rapist/murderer, only to have this criminal thank and appreciate that lawyer so much better than any other client this lawyer had, past and present. Imagine being a lawyer for the good guys, only to be threatened with physical harm from these very criminals you are defending. Imagine living with the fact that it could be your fault an innocent person is perishing in prison.

Each story is shocking and spellbinding. The universe certainly does work in mysterious ways.

Pub Date: November 13, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9689754-6-6

Page Count: 288pp

Publisher: Durance Vile Publications

Reviewer: Lisa MacLean Tofts, Tofts Reviews, Calgary, AB